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I did my homework on this very popular product from Mike Geary to determine if it’s a legit product to get ripped abdominals or if it’s just some sort of hoax.

But first, I created a quick navigation menu for you to easily navigate your way through the review and find information easily.
Intro And $437 Bonus Offer | Meet Mike Geary | Does It Really Work? | Alternatives To The Program | Before And After Pictures

Read on for real reviews, my honest assessment, pros and cons of this top selling diet and tummy flattening program.

Here’s My Review + My $437 Bonus Offer!

I have probably received thousands of fitness questions from people around the world, and one of the most common questions I get asked is to how to tone up a flabby stomach. It seems like no matter what these people try, they can’t seem to lose fat around in this area. That’s why reviews like this are so important. To get the real facts.

I recently met up with another fitness expert – Mike Geary, creator of this program.  Mike is a fitness professional who employs a number of ways to target adipose tissue on the stomach, and provided me with a number of tips on how to beat the bulge and uncover a rock-hard six pack.  It seems having a washboard stomach is one of the most desired body parts, although they remain elusive for many people, regardless of the diet or exercise plans they try.


Mike Geary Review And Bio

Mike Geary Author Of Truth About Abs

This very popular diet and exercise program would not have been possible without Mike Geary. Mike Geary has been known as an author of this internationally-acclaimed, best-selling book. It has sold more than 700,000 copies in over 160 countries. He has also co-authored another book, The Fat-Burning Kitchen: Your 24-Hour Diet Transformation To Make Your Body a Fat Burning Machine. This is a famous best-selling nutrition program. As a writer, he has published more than 500 articles on fitness and health on more than 1,000 fitness websites all over the world. He is also’s recognized Platinum Expert Fitness Author and a contributing writer to magazines like, Oxygen Magazine and Muscle and Fitness Magazine. He also contributes to Lean Body Fitness Secrets, which is an online fitness newsletter with over 320,000 international subscribers.

Mike Geary Scam?

Mike Geary definitely has the professional background to be able to write articles and books on fitness, as he is also a Certified Nutrition Specialist, as well as a Certified Personal Trainer. He got his Bachelor of Science Degree from Susquehanna University in Pennsylvania. As a professional in his field, he specializes in power training, functional strength, and body fat reduction strategies.

When asked about what his life passion is, Mike Geary is consistent with his answer; and that is to help people, in living happier and healthier lives. This is the reason why for more than 20 years now, he has constantly researched and studied topics on nutrition and fitness. He remains updated in all of the strategies, that are related to training and nutrition. His dedication stems from wanting to be able to share these relevant knowledge to his readers and followers. Aside from physical training, Mike Geary is also able to share to the world how to cook healthy, yet delicious food.

One of the many reasons for Mike Geary’s success is because he walks the talk and actually practices what he preaches. According to him, he stays healthy through smart training programs; and by making healthy yet delicious choices when it comes to his diet. He does not binge on donuts nor smoke cigarettes. This is what makes him effective and inspiring. With his success, he has been to more than 25 countries as a traveler. He also loves adventure and has a passion for the outdoors. He loves scuba diving, skydiving, and motorcycle racing. He has even piloted a fighter jet. Mike Geary is proof that having a healthy lifestyle can give you a happy and good quality of life. Read on for my review of this top selling e-book.
Mike has various strategies when it comes to training and nutrition, and has jam packed his program with tips and techniques on how to banish that unsightly level of belly fat. He focuses on tried and tested techniques that are proven to yield results, without having to resort to all of those gimmicky infomercial products on television and the internet that look promising, but never seem to deliver.

Before we get on to the review, Mike Geary has identified the areas where people are going wrong when it comes to trying to lose the fat on their mid-section and increase the amount of lean muscle mass on their body. Here are the three most common mistakes that people make:

1. Don’t waste your time doing hundreds of sit ups or crunches when trying to banish that paunch. Many people spend hours every week doing these exercises – either at home or in the gym – and see little in the way of results. Mike has instead identified a number of alternative exercises that will kick-start the body’s metabolism, and increase the hormone levels that will burn the fat on your body. These exercises are easy to perform in the comfort of your home, and can help you to achieve the body of your dreams.

Contrary to popular belief, the exercises that will help strengthen your core muscles are non “ab-specific”. These exercises help to tone and sculpt the entire body, helping to boost your metabolic rate and kick-start the belly weight loss process.

2. Don’t waste your time doing hours of cardio exercises. This is another common mistake that people make, especially those who dedicate a large chunk of their time performing hours of boring cardio exercises, and see little in the way of results. So you won’t need to do hours of aerobic exercises to see results. Phew!

Mike has undertaken scientific study that was highly focused on cardiovascular exercises. His research has lead him to believe that most people are doing cardio wrong, and could be decreasing their metabolic rate in the process. The strategies that Mike suggests instead help to burn cellulite and can have a number of beneficial effects on the entire body.

3. Don’t waste your time with fad diets. With so many diet programs out there, it can be difficult to know which ones really work, and which ones are a complete waste of your time.

Mike outlines why the majority of low-fat and low-carb diet programs just don’t work, and what’s more, they could even work against your body. In order to have a lean and muscular physique, you will need to ditch the fad diets and incorporate healthy and balanced eating habits into your life. You will be able to eat more of the foods you enjoy and still see results – which in turn will have a positive effect on your physical and mental health.

When it comes to the author’s certifications, Mike is obviously a real guy with plenty of experience and mounds of proven results. Read on for my review.

So Does It Really Work? My Review Of This Best Selling Program

I’ve had a lot of people write in and ask for a real review of Mike’s system to see if it actually works. Any good review should cover not only the actual program, but some alternatives. Let’s face it, not every program is for everyone!

His Six Pack Abs program is a revolutionary program that helps you to get leaner quicker. Mike’s system teaches you how to lose the stomach blubber for good, with a number of techniques that can help to develop the six pack look that you have always desired. The system focuses on training and nutrition, and outlines the mistakes that people make when it comes to losing fat and toning up their bodies.

The system is easy to follow, and will have a positive effect on your physical health and confidence. It comes in a convenient PDF format, delivered right to your email. You will even be able to take advantage of free bonus reports and a DVD, as well as various other tools if you visit Mike’s website today.

This system is promoted as being the best around, but there are of course a few men and women who have tried it and left disappointed.

Why are they disappointed? Because they won’t put in the work.  People like this will usually say that “these exercises or this diet seems too hard for me so I guess it won’t work.” Geary says it best “What kind of quitter attitude is that?!”

And I have to agree. So the people who don’t get results are typically the ones who either don’t read the book at all or just don’t implement its time tested strategies.

So that’s my review… what are you waiting for? Make today the start of a brand new life. You soon will be able to get rid of your gut and develop the lean abdominals that you have always wanted.

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Now there are other alternatives if this isn’t for you. Maybe you don’t want a six pack tummy and just want to get leaner. Maybe you don’t want to spend the money to invest in the program

I’ve found a few alternatives for women and men. Here are my reviews of 2 other programs.

If you are a woman, many woman had a lot of success with the Venus Factor system, which shows you why you should never diet like a man. I haven’t personally checked this out, but have heard great things about it.

<<<Women Check Out The Venus Factor Here<<< Now it’s a bit pricier than Truth About Abs, but again if you aren’t looking specifically for a 6 pack, but rather a great way to get in shape, this might be for you.

For both men and women, Dr. Charles created this system called Fat Loss Factor, which I have personally checked out. The great part about this system is that it’s not as geared towards just getting lean enough to have a great core, but it shows you how to get lean while still eating the foods you love. The site has a lot of before and after pictures and comments from real people who have achieved real results.

Men And women, if you are looking for an alternative to Mike Geary’s program, check out the Fat Loss Factor Here. <<<

More Reviews And Before And After Pics On This Core and Abdominal Flattening Program-Find Out What Other People Are Saying

This is my favorite part-all of the real testimonials that have poured in over the years. Not some fake, bs reviews, but actual reviews with before and after pictures.

>>> Before And After Pics Here<<<


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