Find Out If This Strict Diet Plan Works

Menu, Plan And Results

People have reported great results with this plan and have lost up to 10 lbs. The problem is, the weight loss is temporary.  Why? Because it’s really just another severe calorie restriction diet in disguise.

And you simply cannot succeed long term with calorie restriction. Your body actually kicks in its survival instincts and tries to hold on to stored fat. So although you may lose weight over the 3 days, it’s likely that 4-5 lbs will be water weight, and the rest is a small amount of fat and muscle.

The Rebound

The weight will most likely rebound and you will regain what you lost plus more. That’s the nature of this type of yo-yo dieting plan. Diets are not meant to be a short term thing you “do” to quickly lose weight. Slow and steady wins the race.

So although it may work for you short term, you are likely to regain what you lost and then some. For that reason I would not recommend it.

I still firmly believe that The Truth About Six Pack Abs Program By Mike Geary Here is the single best solution for long term weight loss, toning and getting that ripped lean appearance so many people are after.

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