In the globe of cams and also lenses, that does not take place a lot. There’s no questioning the truth that the Minolta AF 50 mm is one of the finest typical fix-focal lens collection made by Minolta ever before. The old faithful, AF 50 f/1/7 lens was component of the collection of lenses introduced by the firm in exactly what was defined as a jump of belief in lens innovation numerous years earlier in the vehicle emphasis sector, after years of the research study.

After Sony took control of Minolta at some point in 2006, there was never ever any kind of substitute produced the AF 50 f/1/7 lens. Sony made a decision to maintain the 50mm f/1.4. That’s why the f/1/7 preserves its appeal in the previously owned market also today.

Mechanically, the make is of good high quality, with its plastic lens orgasm steel install. There’s additionally a lens hood that is integrated.

Performance-wise, the Minolta AF 50mmf/1.7 is comparable to they come. The facility resolutions are valuable, though the external limits end up soft with broad aperture. If you are right into pictures, this lens is for you.

AF 50 lenses

Just what is additionally an enticing sony lenses of the AF 50 is the built-in read just memory incorporated circuit, an advanced add-on in the very early years. Each of the AF 50 lenses had among these ICs added. The objective was to instantly move information to the built-in video camera computer system for vehicle emphasis and also direct exposure control, to name a few points.

The Old Warhorse of Electronic Camera Lenses - Minolta AF 50

Utilizing this, the AF 50mm f/2/8 lens, for instance, fixes photo distortions like area curvature. The AF 50, through a conventional lens, captured the creativity of lots of a digital photographer. The lens records pictures faithful to the human sight.

Obtaining a 2nd hand AF50 lens today is tough. Today, the going rates array is nearly the very same, depending on the high quality of the lens.