Mike Geary Truth About Six Pack Abs Program

Mike Geary Review And Bio

Mike Geary Author Of Truth About Abs

This very popular diet and exercise program (Read my review here) would not have been possible without Mike Geary. Mike Geary has been known as an author of this internationally-acclaimed, best-selling book. It has sold more than 700,000 copies in over 160 countries. He has also co-authored another book, The Fat-Burning Kitchen: Your 24-Hour Diet Transformation To Make Your Body a Fat Burning Machine. This is a famous best-selling nutrition program. As a writer, he has published more than 500 articles on fitness and health on more than 1,000 fitness websites all over the world. He is also ezinearticles.com’s recognized Platinum Expert Fitness Author and a contributing writer to magazines like, Oxygen Magazine and Muscle and Fitness Magazine. He also contributes to Lean Body Fitness Secrets, which is an online fitness newsletter with over 320,000 international subscribers.

Mike Geary Scam?

Mike Geary definitely has the professional background to be able to write articles and books on fitness, as he is also a Certified Nutrition Specialist, as well as a Certified Personal Trainer. He got his Bachelor of Science Degree from Susquehanna University in Pennsylvania. As a professional in his field, he specializes in power training, functional strength, and body fat reduction strategies.

When asked about what his life passion is, Mike Geary is consistent with his answer; and that is to help people, in living happier and healthier lives. This is the reason why for more than 20 years now, he has constantly researched and studied topics on nutrition and fitness. He remains updated in all of the strategies, that are related to training and nutrition. His dedication stems from wanting to be able to share these relevant knowledge to his readers and followers. Aside from physical training, Mike Geary is also able to share to the world how to cook healthy, yet delicious food.

One of the many reasons for Mike Geary’s success is because he walks the talk and actually practices what he preaches. According to him, he stays healthy through smart training programs; and by making healthy yet delicious choices when it comes to his diet. He does not binge on donuts nor smoke cigarettes. This is what makes him effective and inspiring. With his success, he has been to more than 25 countries as a traveler. He also loves adventure and has a passion for the outdoors. He loves scuba diving, skydiving, and motorcycle racing. He has even piloted a fighter jet. Mike Geary is proof that having a healthy lifestyle can give you a happy and good quality of life. Read on for my review of this top selling e-book.

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