When people say military diet, they are really referring to the 3 day military diet that I write about here.

Does it work? Yes.

Does it work long term? Well, not really. It’s meant for short term results. If you are looking to drop a little weight because you need to look good in a dress by Saturday, it might be ok. But the long term damage you do to your metabolism is not worth it.

3 Day Military Diet

Ah metabolism. That scary little word that no one seems to understand.

It’s really the energy pathways in the body and how that energy is used, stored etc. When you go on a calorie restricted diet like the 3 day military diet, all you are doing is slowing your metabolism. Send a signal to your brain that this body is low on calories so body-you better do something to protect it. In this case-store fat. Does this happen in 3 days? Not typically but it can.

This yo-yo dieting syndrome can really screw things up for you if you treat diets as something you “go on.” We shouldn’t go on and off of diets. We should just eat foods that we know are good for us. Foods that are good for us are typically those that don’t create a huge blood sugar spike and insulin response. Read: Carbs. Well not all carbs, but many refined carbs act just like pure sugar.

So that bread or that pasta that may be low cal? Well it’s creating an insulin spike in your body and that’s not good long term. This causes us to store more fat. The problem I have with the 3 day military diet is that people use it as a crutch.

To get long term results, you have to make a commitment to eat better all the time. Sure you might slip up sometimes and that’s ok. But as long as you are good 80% of the time, you will see results, and results start from resetting your mentality from a diet is something we go on to not dieting at all-just eating well.

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