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7 day military diet

Ok let’s start by saying there’s some confusion out there. Some people talk about a 7 day military diet.

It’s actually a 3 day military diet. Sounds more appealing right? Now hear this!

7 Day Military Diet










The 3 day military diet, as I describe on another page, is really just another low calorie diet in disguise. Do low cal diets work? Yes. Are they effective long term? No way.

Your body slows it’s metabolism down very quickly to adapt to this new low calorie diet. What does it do?

Initially you might lose a little weight. But as your metabolism slows, your body actually does what it’s genetically designed to do-store fat. You are sending a signal to your 2 million year old brain to store fat. In other words, you go into protection mode. Your body is just doing what is was designed to do.

And here’s the crappy part.

Once you go off the 3 day diet, guess what happens?

You start consuming more calories, and since your body is in fat storing mode, you actually gain the weight back, and then some. This is what’s called yo-yo dieting. Not a good thing.

I recommend an on-going sensible diet incorporating a lot of lean meats and veggies to not cause huge blood sugar spikes. That’s the basis of the Truth About Abs program and why it works so well.