Product: Vitamix 6300 Review
Price:  $649.00 (retail)
Cheapest Place to Buy: Now Just $599
Size of Container: 64 ounce
Guarantee: 7 Year Full Warranty
My Rating: 9.0 out of 10

Vitamix 6300


So What Is The Vitamix 6300 And How Does It Compare To Juicers?


The Vitamix 6300 is the ultimate blender.  I’ve owned one for 4 years now and it is by far the best investment I’ve ever made in my health (and time as you will see).

Now you may have heard that juicing is good for you and you would be right. But here’s the problem with traditional juicers:

  • Stand there for 10 minutes cutting up your veggies and fruits into small enough pieces to feed into the juicer.
  • Feed said pieces one by one into the juicer
  • Watch in amazement as a trickle of juice comes out on the other end! I wish I was kidding
  • You get only the juice, not the fiber rich nutrient cell walls from the veggies and fruit like you will with the Vitamix 6300.

You see, you have to feed massive, and I do mean massive amounts of veggies and fruits to get even a half a glass of juice. I remember the first time using an old juicer of mine, and I must have put in 2 lbs of veggies and fruit and when all was said and done, I think I got 4 ounces. Ouch. Away went the juicer.

I started hearing about Vitamix a few years prior to when I bought mine in 2010. I thought it sounded too good to be true. I would be wrong.

I was going to juice bars on a regular basis, sometimes at Whole Foods, Mother’s Market and independent places and I started noticing one thing:

THEY ALL USED VITAMIX BLENDERS! Every single one of them.

I also had another realization. Holy crap, I’m spending a lot of money on green juices. A small one at Whole Foods is about $7 and the bigger ones are around $9.  I was getting these 3-4 times a week. Well it doesn’t take a math whiz to see how that added up fast!

So I thought to myself, I have to get a Vitamix. But I thought they were expensive. But then I looked at it as an investment that would pay off quickly. First, I wasn’t driving to the store of juice bar. Second, I was keeping $9 in my wallet 3-4 times a week. Third, well there is no third. I took the plunge and bought it here.

So what does the Vitamix 6300 do that a juicer can’t?

  • Absolutely pulverizes anything you put in it in about 30 seconds
  • Has a 64 ounce container, so most things you can throw in whole or just give it a quick chop in half and you are good to go
  • Makes enough juice to last all day or for a few people. My 14 year old daughter loves green juices thanks to the Vitamix
  • And if juicing wasn’t enough incentive it also makes soups, smoothies, baby food, bread dough, and my personal favorite-all natural ice cream. Yep. The ice cream is to die for! Just throw in some almond milk, your favorite frozen fruit and you are good to go
  • The soup. Can’t not talk about the soup. This thing is so powerful, you can literally throw all the ingredients right into the big 64 ounce container and it will not only blend it for you, but will cook it for you. That’s right. Cook. You just leave it on for 10-15 minutes and the blades spin so fast, that it heats up the soup.
  • Would probably drive you around town if you asked it. Ok maybe it can’t do that but this thing is slick


Vitamix 6300 Blender


What About Cleanup Brian?


I thought you’d never ask! That’s the other best part.  When you are done, just add a little warm water and soap into the container and hit the blend button. It will rise to the top and actually clean itself. Empty the water and rinse off any remaining suds and it’s good to go.  With juicers, you will spend a long time trying to clean out all the stuck on veggies. Not so with the Vitamix.

So Bottom Line Is The Vitamix 6300 Is A Hit In My Family, And Will Be In Yours!


This thing really is the rockstar in the juice world because it’s not a juicer. You actually get out what you put in, and fast! You get all the benefits of the fiber, but it blends so well that it never tastes chunky. It’s smooth like juice, but in a fraction of the time. On top of that, you can make so many different things, with my favorites being the soup and all the ice creams. Ice creams in the store have about 50 ingredients you can’t pronounce. If you can’t pronounce it, don’t put it in your body. Vitamix homemade ice cream has 2-3 all natural ingredients.

I believe in this product and you will too. It will save you a ton of money and hassle in the long wrong and it’s the right thing to do for your family. Juicing is so healthy and tastes incredible. I highly recommend the Vitamix 6300. You can get it for a great price here.

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When people say military diet, they are really referring to the 3 day military diet that I write about here.

Does it work? Yes.

Does it work long term? Well, not really. It’s meant for short term results. If you are looking to drop a little weight because you need to look good in a dress by Saturday, it might be ok. But the long term damage you do to your metabolism is not worth it.

3 Day Military Diet

Ah metabolism. That scary little word that no one seems to understand.

It’s really the energy pathways in the body and how that energy is used, stored etc. When you go on a calorie restricted diet like the 3 day military diet, all you are doing is slowing your metabolism. Send a signal to your brain that this body is low on calories so body-you better do something to protect it. In this case-store fat. Does this happen in 3 days? Not typically but it can.

This yo-yo dieting syndrome can really screw things up for you if you treat diets as something you “go on.” We shouldn’t go on and off of diets. We should just eat foods that we know are good for us. Foods that are good for us are typically those that don’t create a huge blood sugar spike and insulin response. Read: Carbs. Well not all carbs, but many refined carbs act just like pure sugar.

So that bread or that pasta that may be low cal? Well it’s creating an insulin spike in your body and that’s not good long term. This causes us to store more fat. The problem I have with the 3 day military diet is that people use it as a crutch.

To get long term results, you have to make a commitment to eat better all the time. Sure you might slip up sometimes and that’s ok. But as long as you are good 80% of the time, you will see results, and results start from resetting your mentality from a diet is something we go on to not dieting at all-just eating well.

Ok let’s start by saying there’s some confusion out there. Some people talk about a 7 day military diet.

It’s actually a 3 day military diet. Sounds more appealing right? Now hear this!

7 Day Military Diet










The 3 day military diet, as I describe on another page, is really just another low calorie diet in disguise. Do low cal diets work? Yes. Are they effective long term? No way.

Your body slows it’s metabolism down very quickly to adapt to this new low calorie diet. What does it do?

Initially you might lose a little weight. But as your metabolism slows, your body actually does what it’s genetically designed to do-store fat. You are sending a signal to your 2 million year old brain to store fat. In other words, you go into protection mode. Your body is just doing what is was designed to do.

And here’s the crappy part.

Once you go off the 3 day diet, guess what happens?

You start consuming more calories, and since your body is in fat storing mode, you actually gain the weight back, and then some. This is what’s called yo-yo dieting. Not a good thing.

I recommend an on-going sensible diet incorporating a lot of lean meats and veggies to not cause huge blood sugar spikes. That’s the basis of the Truth About Abs program and why it works so well.

I get asked all the time “Brian-what are the best foods for strong abs?” That’s a little bit misleading. Foods aren’t really going to create strong abs. What good quality foods will do, is make your body fat percentage go down, and reveal your abs.

To get strong abs, you have to do ab exercises on a regular basis. Eating good, quality foods that don’t overload your body with sugar and a high insulin response will support your ability to work out your abs and therefore indirectly make them stronger.

But for a lean, 6 pack appearance, it’s always going to be about 80% or more food choices we make that will keep you lean, and reveal the strong abs you create!

Learn more about getting great abs here.

Learn To Get Six Pack Abs



It’s amazing how much people talk about the kind of midsection they want. Men want chiseled abs that would make an ice-cube tray blush while women want a washboard stomach that will bring out all the boys when they don that tiny bikini this summer. The problem is, most people only dream of these kinds of looks, but not very many of them put in the required time and effort to achieve them. Getting killer abs is not as easy as you may have originally thought. Anybody who has spent any time in the gym knows this. That is not to say that it cannot be achieved. For it can! It can be achieved and it can be achieved very fast.

Unlike most muscle groups in our bodies, the stomach muscles, abs, obliques and such, get ignored far too often for them to be developed at the same rate as your ‘guns’ for example. People tend to slack off when it comes to the stomach and core muscles in general. Which is a shame, because your stomach and core muscles determine just how much power you have at your disposal when it comes to training every other muscle group in your body.

But flogging that, dead, unchiseled horse any further will do us no good. Here are five simple steps on how you can develop the most chiseled of abs this summer. This is the ultimate five step guide for those of us who have decided, enough is enough with the dreaming. We want killer abs and we want them now.

How to get ripped abs fast: Ab Workouts and Product Reviews

We are not going to talk about your diet, because by now you probably know that 80% of your success in getting ripped abs is what you eat. So know that you must eat better foods in greater quantities, drink lots of water and cut way back on alcohol. That is a simplified version of things, but it encompasses what you should essentially do. That being said, here are the five things you can do to get those killer abs.

1. Set aside time for abs training
When you initially start training for mass, you are told that it is better if you do compound exercises. Bench presses, squats and deadlifts are the order of the day. The problem is, at the end of it all, no one wants to carry out a split-training session for their abs. It is there advised that you should set aside at least one training session to attack your abs. Since we insist on compound training, we can lump in your calves and forearms during these training sessions. Calves, forearms and abs are the most ignored body sections during training. Setting aside a specific day just for these sections will help you attack them with the same intensity as you do the rest of your big muscle groups.

2. Go through a mental readjustment
Unfortunately, most people just think of the aesthetic value of abs. As much as this is a big driving force when it comes to muscle training of any kind, our abdominal muscles play a very big role when it comes to our overall strength. You need to remind yourself that, every other lift, be it a bench, leg press, deadlift or even squats, depend on how strong your core muscles are. A very big part of your core muscles are your abdominal muscles. By training them diligently, you won’t only be building abs that could bring tears to one’s eyes, but you will also be strengthening your overall body strength, thus ensuring that you get the most out of every other lift. That and, of course, you will get abs chiseled enough to die for.

3. Stagger your sets
Another great way to ensure that you get in plenty of abs workout, is to stagger your sets. This means that, in between your regular workout sets, instead of sitting down or panting your life away in a corner somewhere, you can do a set of abs exercises like crunches or weighted sit ups. As effective as this is, it is only advisable to do this when you are not carrying out heavy training sessions. For example, when loading your squats, staggering your sets with sit ups may ultimately weaken your midsection when the time comes for that big squat. So only do this when training arms, back and other ‘non-core’ intensive workouts.

4. Always workout your abs, even when sited and doing nothing
This is the same principal as lady kegels. There are some exercise routines that you can employ, even when sited in traffic or waiting for your doctor’s appointment. One such exercise is: flex your abs, crunch down and exhale. Hold this for about ten seconds, release and repeat. Make sure to flex as hard as you possibly can. Another one would be to inhale and try to get your navel to touch your spine through your stomach. Pull it in as far as it can go and hold position for about 10 seconds, release and repeat. This will greatly take care of the transverse abdominis and keep your beer gut in check.

5. Don’t skip the cardio
Most muscle bound professionals will tell you that as long as you have been weight training, the muscle is in there somewhere, you just need to find a way to bring it out. This is one regimen that can help you make your muscles ‘pop’. Cardiovascular exercises burn off the excess fat as well as keep you healthy. When you have excess flab covering your abs, no matter how hard you try, you won’t get that chiseled look. This doesn’t mean the six pack isn’t in there, neatly tucked away underneath all that flab. Cardio will help you burn this off and bring out the cubes.

Like any other exercise, abs training is not simple, neither is it easy. It takes a great deal of time, dedication and endurance to bring them out. The best thing is that they are some of the easiest to build and achieve muscles in our bodies. You just need to pay a little attention. We will be covering different types of Ab Workouts and Product Reviews from now on. Mike Geary; My Truth About Abs Review; Learn more about getting abs here